Open Society News: Behind the French “Burqa Ban,” Congo Justice, and More

Unveiling the Truth: Why 32 Women Wear the Full-Face Veil in France

April 2011

This Open Society Foundations report aims to distinguish the myths from the reality about Muslim women in France who wear the full-face veil.

Congo Justice: The Defendants Arrive

April 13, 2011, by Chuck Sudetic

blog BLOG
Hundreds of onlookers gather round, undeterred by the rain and mud, as a mobile court in eastern Congo begins the trial of soldiers and policemen accused of rape. An eyewitness chronicle.

Haiti: Lifting an Economy from the Rubble

April 12, 2011, by Chuck Sudetic

blog BLOG
Building an open society in Haiti requires foreign investment that will spur sufficient economic growth—sometimes cinder block by cinder block.

How (Not) to Promote Autocracy in Central Asia

April 11, 2011, by Cornelius Graubner

blog BLOG
The police sector in Central Asia is in serious need of reform, but Western reform projects bring with them their own kinds of problems.

What Is Complementarity? Q & A with James A. Goldston

April 11, 2011, by Will Cohen

blog BLOG
Unfamiliar with the concept? You aren’t alone. Welcome to the next big thing in international justice.

A Day of Silence

April 11, 2011, by Michael Franklin

blog BLOG
More than three out of five LGBT students in the U.S. feel unsafe at school because of their identity. Nearly 85 percent have been verbally harassed, and 40 percent physically harassed. Their silence is a result.

What’s at Stake in Nigeria’s Elections

April 8, 2011, by Sarah Pray

blog BLOG
Will Nigeria’s upcoming elections live up to the people’s hope for free and fair elections?

Reconciliation, Human Rights, and a U.S. Exit Strategy in Afghanistan

April 6, 2011

video VIDEO

Can reconciliation offer a peaceful way forward for Afghanistan and its neighbors, or will compromises with the Taliban undermine long-term stability and human rights in Afghanistan?

One Year After the Uprising: Human Rights in Kyrgyzstan

March 29, 2011

audio AUDIO

This Open Society Foundations event explores the current status of human rights in Kyrgyzstan one year after its popular uprising.

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