You don’t have the right,Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

You don't have the right,Uncle Sam

April 8 the US govement published《Country report on human rights in 2010》。

In the U.S., flaunts private power as ordinary people: I want to ask you have literally accused the rights of other people? The government is for his people’s services. Your own country is a mess? Do you have any ability to accuse evaluation other countries?

I am  firmly against interfering in our internal affairs under the pretext of human rights issues。

The Chinese government attaches importance to protecting human rights. With continuing economic growth, constantly improving democracy and law system, ever booming cultural development, all ethnic groups in China enjoy extensive freedom and rights, Hong said.

I wangt urged the US to reflect more on its own human rights issues rather than acting as a “preacher of human rights”. “The US should stop interfering in other country’s internal affairs with human rights report.”

You don’t have the right,Uncle Sam

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